Chora, Andros - The Capital

Chora, Andros is the capital of the island and has a strong aristocratic element. Andros is the northernmost and the second largest island of the Cyclades. It is the greenest among the Cyclades, due to its abundant waters and has a population of around 10,000, comparatively small compared to the size of the island. Access to the island is from Gavrio, a port village located in the west. The capital of the island, as mentioned above, is Chora, which is located in the east. Similar to the capitals of other islands, there are no ships entering or leaving the capital.

Chora is full of mansions and neoclassical buildings built by wealthy captains a century or more ago. The wide main street exudes prosperity with its marble pavements, open squares, large churches and carved fountain. Locals are humble and welcoming and the shops you'll find there sell traditional products and sweets
The central square is the heart of Chora, surrounded by the Archaeological Museum and bustling cafes, while below it are the two large beaches of Paraporti and Neiborio. If you continue towards the older part of the town, you will reach the square where the beautiful monument of the Unknown Sailor is located.

The wonderful beaches of the area

Chora, Andros has some excellent beaches that are definitely worth visiting. First of all, Neiborio, is the most popular beach of Chora, but also one of the most popular beaches of the whole island. Its easy accessibility has made it an excellent choice for families and young children. In addition, strong winds rarely "hit" the beach, so the sea is almost always calm.

Sineti beach is also a very good choice for swimming in Chora, Andros. In fact, it is one of the favorite beaches of the locals. It is about 7 kilometres from Chora and there you will find Syneti, the homonymous village. Finally, it is worth visiting Piso Gyalia beach and dive in its turquoise, crystal clear waters. The beach is also suitable for diving as the seabed is very clean and rich in life.

The museums of Chora

Chora, Andros is also famous for its rich history and its many museums. Among others, worthy of mention are the Archaeological Museum of Andros, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Maritime Museum.
The Archaeological Museum, was founded in 1981 and houses an exceptionally well-preserved copy of the map of Rigas Feraios, an exhibit truly important for whole Greece. Very important is also the collection of the geometric settlement of Zagora.
The Museum of Contemporary Art was founed two years before the Archaeological Museum, in 1979. It hosts an exciting new exhibition every summer. Past exhibitions have included works by Picasso, Matisse, Cleé, Chagall, Rodin, Miro, Kandinsky and many others. Finally, the Maritime Museum of Andros was founded in 1972. Its exhibits are not many, but they are enough to take you back to another era. Through the exhibits you will be transported to the years of Andros' merchant shipping in 1750 and you will discover the great history of the island. Ship's accounts, nautical diaries and historical photographs are just some of the exhibits.


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